COUNTY HEALTH BOARD - Current Board Members

Herb Townsend, Commissioner
PO Box 662, WSS, MT 59645
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Term - Term of Office

Ben Hurwitz, Commissioner
1476 Smith River Road, WSS, MT 59645
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Term - Term of Office

Rod Brewer, Commissioner
P.O. Box 83, Ringling, MT 59642
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Term - Term of Office

Rick Nelson, Mayor
P.O. Box 442, WSS, MT 59645
Term - Term of Office

Sandy Harris
PO Box 613, WSS, MT 59645
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Term - 07/01/20 - 06/30/23  

Advisors to the Board

County Health Nurse: Eva Kerr, RN, Public Health Nurse/Director

County Health Officer: Eva Kerr, RN.

Sanitarian: Sean Hill, Food Licensing - Septic & Sewer

Planning: Board Members


Notice of Legislative Changes

This past legislative session, HB 702 was passed and signed into law on by Governor Gianforte on May 7, 2021. This prohibits the discrimination based on a person's vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport. For the entire bill please click on the link in the first sentence.