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Title III - Opening of 45- day comment period


Title lll - Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act
Notice is hereby given that Meagher County will open a forty-five (45) day period to accept
written comment from the public on the payments received by the County pursuant to Title
lll of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination of Act, as reauthorized
(the "SRS Act") for Fiscal Year ending)une30,2024.
Comment Period: Written comments will be accepted immediately through luly 23,2024
and can be mailed or hand-delivered to:
Meagher County
PO Box 309
White Sulphur Springs Mt 59645
dasle@lrea_ghelcou nty. mt.Eov
Comment Purpose: Meagher County is eliglble to receive revenue under Title lll of the SRS
Act for application to certain statutorily defined purposes specified in Title lll.
Proposed Use: Meagher County intends to use the funding for one or all of the following
uses: (1) Activities under the Firewise Communities program; (2) Salary or wages of
emergency response personnel deployed during an emergency response; (3) Replacement
of equipment, materials and supplies expended damaged or destroyed during an
emergency response; (4) Repair of equipment damaged during an emergency response; (5)
maintenance of vehicles, equipment and facilities during an response; (6) purchase of
capital equipment such as the purchase of a lire engine, a search & rescue snowmobile, or
other emergency response equipment; (7) Expenses of training personnel to respond to
emergencies on national forests; (8) Expenses of equipment and supplies to be kept on
hand for response to emergencies on national forests; (9) Expense of non-disposable
personal protective equipment and electronic aids such as GPS devices in anticipation of
responding to emergencies; (10) Purchase of equipment for 911 emergency systems.